Criminal Minds actress Kirsten Vangsness made a criminal fashion mistake yesterday (see what I did there?).


This look is Deadwood by way of the Ice Capades as designed by Courtney Love.  (Which would be a killer — if adults-only — show, with dirty language and heads in boxes and primative medical techniques  all topped off with a Biellmann spin.)

The dress is a stylistic mess, of course, but the real issue is that it’s far too short. There’s no way Vangsness can even sit down in it, which seems like it would be a real problem when you’re heading to an awards show where you’re going to have to sit down for six hours while people you vaguely know cry and thank their agents. Or, since this is the People’s Choice Awards, where people you vaguely know look bored and thank their publicists before wandering off to see how long they’re supposed to stay before they can leave and go somewhere more interesting.

It’s a shame, really — she’s cute, and she looks so happy to be there that I feel bad pointing out that it looks like she fell head first into Hot Topic’s Stars On Ice display.  On the other hand,  maybe she’s just happy she didn’t flash the photogs when she was getting out of the car.