Bless you, People, for doing the Lord’s work and making celebrities leave the house ONE LAST TIME before the slowest two weeks of the year.

If there is anyone I had expected to go bracelet or go home, it was Mindy, for some reason — maybe just because I know she likes Stuff and so I figured, as with so many of us, she would’ve stayed up really late shopping online over some Shiraz and then found herself with several boxes of accessories arriving that she didn’t totally remember ordering. Inside of many of which would be a bangle or three, or even the three Bangles.

HOWEVER: I don’t mind, because she wore that big ol’ ring, some awesome earrings, and a GREAT color with non-nude shoes. She looks like a complete fox. And as a bonus:

She brought out the cleav AND the Chris Messina. DOUBLE win.

[Photos: Getty]