When I first saw this on Sunday morning, I loved it. (You know I can’t resist anything shiny and gold.) The more I thought about it, though, the more I reflected upon two things: (a) this is from the same Versace line that gave us Michelle Obama’s amazing gold State Dinner dress, and I don’t know that anything can live up to that, and as perfect as Penelope and her new short hair cut are, she may be suffering by comparison, and (b) do we think this dress is somehow a little old for her? Like, this would look exceptionally great on Helen Mirren or Joan Collins or Diana Ross or any number of profoundly fabulous women, but I almost think she could have saved it for twenty years. Am I nuts?


  • You're nuts. This is perfection. (15%, 455 Votes)
  • You're slightly nuts. I see your point, but I still think this is good. (57%, 1,697 Votes)
  • Nah, I'm with you on this. (25%, 730 Votes)
  • I can't STAND THIS but for totally other reasons. (3%, 82 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,964

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