So, wipe aside for a second the news that Phoebe Price has either the connections or the budget to get invited back to Cannes AGAIN, and focus on the fact that the caption for this photo — as written by the photographer — claims P-Squared is wearing a dress and a hat of her own design and from her own clothing line.

Phoebe Price Wearing A Dress From Her Collection At Cannes (USA AND OZ ONLY)


The hat does not surprise me — I mean, of COURSE Phoebe would create a hat that belongs on the head of a groomsman at Robin Hood’s wedding. But what shocks me is that if you’d asked me to ponder what kind of clothes P-Squared would design, I’d look at her archive and then say, “Something made of tissue paper and lace. Preferably something in danger of blowing away if a poodle sneezes within a ten-mile radius.” And yes, this is ever-so-slightly see-through here around the crotch region, but frankly, in the right — or rather, wrong — lighting, a lot of stuff out there is. So we’re left with P-Squared allegedly maybe creating and selling something you’d see on The CW (and possibly injuring her wrist doing it, since she’s wearing a brace), which would be confusing enough on its own — but add to that the fact that she’s possibly doing it under her own design shingle, which means she has an actual JOB, and my world scrambles like it’s on a Grand Slam plate at Denny’s. Sigh. Maybe a side of bacon will help this make sense.