Great. Now all I want in this crazy mixed up world is for Hayley Atwell to star in a television series about the adventures of a sexy lady pirate who travels the world wearing a variety of slightly ridiculous costumes and really great red lipstick. Obviously, the entire program would consist of her (a) thwarting the various sexist man-pirates who consistently underestimate her, and (b) taking a series of very attractive lovers. We could also, clearly, delve into various subplots involving the rest of her merry band of buccaneers, some of whom are probably in tumultuous love triangles/are on the lam after some kind of Jean Valjean-y misunderstanding/have been cursed by a sea witch. So, you know. Basically¬†Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, but with pirates and definitely more sea witches. Why can’t this be a thing? SOMEONE MAKE IT A THING FOR ME.

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