Jessica and I were JUST discussing that we bet Shaun White hooks up all the time. The kid is charismatic in his interviews and is REALLY, REALLY GOOD at what he does, and you just know he’s using a salacious take on “Double McTwist 1260″ in his arsenal of pick-up lines. And why not? If you can, do.


2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals
I might need him to tone it down a notch or three. Do I wish I had his hair? Yes. Did I need to see down to his sternum? Not really. Am I concerned he thinks he’s a cross between Uncle Sam, and Steven Tyler? Extremely. Although I guess those guys get more than their fair share of booty — I mean, come on, Uncle Sam’s whole shtick is “I Want YOU” — so I guess Shaun has chosen his nookie idols wisely. Still, at the very least, I think wrapping one’s junk in these pants could count as desecrating the flag.