This dress might have been super cute on somebody else:

Sally Morrison and The Everlon Diamond Knot Collection Luncheon
Carey just looks so much like a kid herself — and I mean that in a complimentary way; God knows looking really young is an enviable problem, or “problem” — that I half expect to see her wearing this to skip across a lawn and hunt for Easter eggs. Yellow is also a very hard color to wear when you have pale skin AND hair. Unless jaundice is super hot for spring, but somehow I doubt it.
She did better at a different event:

25th Film Independent Spirit Awards - Arrivals

Carey has a fondness for heavy shoes, no? This leather number is rather busy, but for me, it’s in a fun rock-and-roll kind of way that still looks young, but more sophisticated than the yellow “Pray, Mummy, Whither My Bonnet?” outfit she had on in the other photo. My personal issue with this is the lace bit at the bottom hem — the cap sleeves I don’t mind, but I think the panel hanging below her knees makes this too long, and competes with the shoes. I’d just shear it off and have it be a funky minidress. This also reminds me that I should never keep a pair of scissors in my room, or else I might be tempted to say, “Oh, HELL, I’ll just SHEAR IT OFF,” rather more than my wardrobe would deem appropriate.
What would you do? Or would you do anything? Please tell me all about it in the comments. I love it when we have these talks.