Regardless of what you think of Sandy Bullock’s outfit — or her win — you must admit that her hair looks AMAZING. So shiny! Such a pretty color! So nicely contrasting with her punchy red lipstick:

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

But let’s talk dress. When she showed up, Heather and I agreed that we thought it was a dress chosen because it would look really lovely on camera, inside the Kodak, holding a little gold man that — conveniently — happens to be very well-coordinated. I must admit I rather like it. It’s VERY golden and shiny and sparkly and you know that I am a terrible magpie.
It’s also a wee bit OSCARS! ON ICE, which I think someone needs to look into producing. Johnny Weir can host!

Let’s see how it did look on stage, accessorized with that little gold man:

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Show

Better, right? Still shiny, but under the lights, a bit more subtle. Well, you know. As subtle as you can get wearing a dress made solely from gold lame, lace, and a wee handful of beads. Hey, it IS the Oscars.