Every season, when we ogle the Naeem Khan runway pics, most of us wonder why actresses aren’t waiting in line around the block to snag one of those designs for the big occasions. I’m pleased to see Minnie Driver apparently agrees with that, and swooped in and grabbed one.

This is a big, beautiful, and cool gamble. I’m sure there are those who will think the vee dips too low, and I understand that, and at times I agree — but the length and swing of the skirt counterbalances it such that I am not overall very bothered by that. Maybe her lips needed to be a shade deeper, and her hair a bit more slicked, but those are small nits. Overall what I will remember is that delectable fabric.

And also, she’s one of the strong guesses for that mystery actress who’s got a column in The Guardian. I would LOVE IT if it turned out Minnie Driver was Hollywood’s biggest gossip. Move over, Drinks With Broads group, we need to pull up another chair to the table.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]