It’s possible that I only love this because this was yet another awards night — in a long, long era of them — in which way too many people showed up in nudes, white, black, or red. (Do NONE of these crazy-ass attention whores understand that if you wear a color, you will AUTOMATICALLY get a pantload of press for it?)

But it’s also possible — nay, probable — that I love it because it’s awesome.

Amy Adams

Amy looks so beautiful here, and an entire galaxy better than she did in that horribly ill-fitting white dress from the SAGs (the post about which included me whining about how gorgeous fair-skinned redheads should wear colors, and ta-da, she has proven either that I am wise, or that old adage that even a stopped clock is right twice a day). The big question with Amy was the jewelry — specifically, the necklace:

Amy Adams

If this dress had a plunging v-neck, this necklace wouldn’t have jumped out at me, except maybe to stick out its tongue and taunt me about the fact that I will never own its equal. But laid as it is over her high neckline, is it a funky statement, or — as my husband would say — putting a hat on a hat? By the way, he and I, because we are fatally geeky, had this whole long discussion about that phrase: I disbelieved that it was real after he said it; he insists he has used multiple times despite the fact that I only ever heard him do it that once. (Now, of course, I say it all the time, but only to him.) Apparently it’s the equivalent of saying something is superfluous. Personally, I think that’s unfair. What if some random dude’s top hat needs a baseball cap? I don’t know its life. Maybe somewhere out there, a Panama hat’s soulmate happens to be a beret. ¬†Who am I to get in the way of true millinery love?

Jessica came down on the side of, “Amy will regret that necklace choice later,” and I do wonder if she’ll see pictures and wish she’d taken it off (and put it in her purse and then RUN LIKE HELL from the security people), but for some reason I’m not mad at it. I don’t think the dress needed the competition — it takes a lot of sparkle to overshadow a gem that large, but this dress almost does it — but I also think the fact that her accessory choice here piqued my intrigue at all is making me grow to love it. Kind of like how the new 90210 made me go, “Oh, honey, no,” and then suddenly now I think it’s kind of great. I am fickle. Or easy. Or both.

The necklace: Yay or nay with this dress?

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