JEREMY RENNER: Let’s start a rumor.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON: And what rumor would that be?

JEREMY: That you came with your agent tonight… and left with ME.

SCARJO: Does it have to be a rumor?


SCARJO: I mean, I’m a divorcee whose husband is going naked under CGI green paint in theaters this summer. I need to get some for myself.

JEREMY: Is that why you’re wearing lingerie?

SCARJO: Hell yes, fool. I’m no dummy.

JEREMY: Well, look, if you need me to take one for the team here, I can do it. I will step up to the plate, get out my bat, swing it at you, and nail a ball over your wall.

SCARJO: That is weirdly hot.

JEREMY: So are you, babe. So are you.

And the gown?

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