We get a lot of nice Tweets from people who think Jessica and I would be good at red carpet coverage. I contend that while this is extremely flattering, I suspect I would suck at it. Watching the shows with me and Jess sometimes goes a bit too much like this:

ME (mid-blogging): Alert. Mandy Moore.

JESS (looks up from computer): Oh. Nude. And glitter.


JESS: Oooh.

ME: Ew.


ME: Ooh, ew.

JESS: She looks…

ME: Blah.

JESS: Did she get work done?

ME: I think it’s just too much eyebrow pencil.

JESS (makes wrinkly-nose face): I don’t know, Mandy…

ME: It’s refried Anne Hathaway. Which is an upgrade if you’re on Jersey Shore but not so much if you are Mandy Moore and there are people out there who are probably aching to be a refried version of you.

So, as you can tell, we would be a) very awkward, and b) fired, possibly midway through the show.

Mandy, however, used the midway point of the evening to knock us on our asses.

I love that blue dress on her. It’s gorgeous. I wish she’d worn this on the red carpet — I’m sure she was paranoid about it getting trampled, but if I had this at my disposal, I would never, ever take it off my body. I couldn’t find confirmation of what it is, but she wore Monique Lhuillier on the red carpet and the skirt is very much in keeping with stuff Monique did in both her spring and fall 2011 collections, so my guess is that she stuck with that designer.

Even Zachary Levi seems to be gazing at her, as if lamenting that doing an animated movie together means this is probably only, like, the third time in history they’ve ever even stood next to each other, and that he wished someone had told him his tan was too strong, and also, he might be marveling that Mandy’s mic appeared to be turned up quite a bit higher than his. He looks handsome, though, so at least Mandy’s dress got the arm candy it deserved, even if said candy is the color of a Werther’s Original.