I enjoyed the back of this dress.

If you can’t do it up all dramatic like this at the Oscars, when can you? Or when “Cannes” you, as the case may be, as that festival is the other prime time. I liked this idea for her, and was excited to see how it looked from the front.

It’s aggressively okay. The biggest error, I think, is in the fit. Everything about the top half of this is too snug. I appreciate that Mindy may have wanted to take a break from wearing Sal Perez all the time, or else he was like, “My hands are REAL TIRED, I need a break.” Or both. But he at least knows her body blind at this point, and I don’t know that he’d have made this mistake in sizing. Case in point: She changed for the post-party, presumably because of her train but also possibly out of respect for her ribcage, and the Sal Perez creation she put on fit so much better.

Of course, he’s her stylist as well, so he probably had a hand in her selecting the first one as well. I’ve decided this whole exercise was his way of saying, “NEVER DEVIATE FROM ME AGAIN. LOOK WHAT HAPPENS.”

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]