Chad Michael Murray of the tv show One Tree Hill films scenes from his new movie Lies in Plain Sight in Santa Monica, Ca

[Photos: Splash News]

CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY: I don’t KNOW. I just feel like I never should have left One Tree Hill.


CMM: I mean, where am I now? I’m filming some yahoo TV movie in a park with a bunch of randoms, you know?

MARTHA: Uh-huh.

CMM: Neither one of us is wearing expensive shoes, Martha. Are you aware of that? Even on OTH, like, sure, someone had his heart eaten by a dog, and I was in a coma a couple of times, and once James Lafferty had to beat Rick Fox to death even though he was ALREADY dead, but at least Sophia would show up at some point wearing some nice DVF wrap something or other, you know? It was so much more aesthetically pleasing.

MARTHA: Well, this movie –

CMM: I have a NOVEL coming out, you know.

MARTHA: Yeah. You’ve mentioned that about a hundred times. Can we –

CMM: So what am I doing HERE? WHAT AM I DOING, MARTHA?

MARTHA: I don’t know, Chad. I just don’t know.