Not long ago, Jessica accidentally posted a piece without deleting her place-holder text, “WORDS.” But I almost published this one written that way on purpose, because… WORDS.

Of all the times we’ve thought Bai Ling was swerving toward normalcy like a drunk driver on the freeway, this is the BIGGEST swerve toward the MOST normalcy. Case in point: I’m looking at her face more than anything else. Has that ever happened before with Bai “Nipples” Ling? So, yes: WORDS. I have some. They are muddled and weak — they are the Scoundrels of words — but they are floating through my head in a confusingly complimentary haze and I can’t tell if I’m ever supposed to feel this way or if I should be begging Bai to go out tonight in a sequined dickie with hot pants made of Ruffles (not ruffles — Ruffles) and a fur face mask.

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