This falls flat for me. I don’t know why. There’s a real Agent Carter vibe to this photo, and y’all know how much I adored Peggy, but it’s like Awesome ’40s Spy Glam mixed with Little House on the Prairie, and her eyes look tired — as if she’s trying to give a shit about the Germans right now but she still has three more batches of butter to churn. Maybe that’s all it is — there’s a spark missing from her expression, giving it an aura of going through the motions.

The interview is pretty good. Beanie Feldstein, Olivia’s Booksmart lead, handles the Qs; while she does a good job, she also benefits from a subject being extremely comfortable and gregarious and prepared. Olivia does not make Beanie sweat the experience, so it doesn’t become a hollow back-and-forth that’s just designed to prove that they’ve hung out before. Olivia gives actual answers. It is lovely when people don’t seem to resent the process that lies beyond the pretty photos.

[Photos: InStyle]