I don’t fully know why Nylon blurred Kirsten Dunst’s name on this cover. It’s making me woozy. And the rest of the cover lines feel a bit like when you open someone else’s Photoshop document and your computer is all, “You don’t have any of those fonts so I’m just gonna substitute them with Arial or whatever and call it a day, cool?” and it messes up the layout. But Kirsten? She looks great. The muddy palette of the rest of it really helps her pop even more than she would have already, but her head is exquisite and sassy — very Nylon attitude — and I think it’s awesome that they put her in a high-necked vintage-style polka dot rather than, say, a low-cut spaghetti strap something-or-other. I think the cover’s lack of overt sexiness actually makes the whole thing more alluring. That is, if I can get past the vertigo-inducing print of her name. Hang on while I wash down some Dramamine with my Diet Coke.

[Photo: Nylon]