As usual, I went through the runways at London and New York Fashion Week, and picked out some stuff we might see on La Middleton in the upcoming year. I will note that, this year, it was tough for me to find stuff that really fits her sort of extremely buttoned-up aesthetic, so I’ll be interested to see if the Duchess of Cambridge spends 2016 turning to more high street designers. I’d say we’re in for a year of re-wears, BUT! She and Wills are allegedly going to India and Bhutan in April, and someone will need new outfits if she’s going to be hanging out with the very gorgeous Queen of Bhutan. STEP IT UP, KATE.

What do you think she should wear? Do you think she needs to mix it up, or is her wardrobe working as is? Do you haveĀ notes? (We’ll see her out and about at an event tomorrow, as a matter of fact.)

[Photos: Getty]