I think Cameron Diaz’s expression here says it all:

'Night & Day' Premiere in Bordeaux

It’s like, “yeah, yeah. I know. This thing is ridiculously short. It’s essentially an oversized shirt. Could we claim I’m wearing it as a salute to my co-star Tom Cruise’s seminal pantless role in Risky Business? Yes. Yes, let’s do that. And then tomorrow, he’ll slick his man-bangs up in a salute to my part in There’s Something About Mary, because turn-about is fair play. And then the next day, I’ll wear a fighter pilot’s jumpsuit and respond to all press queries by saying, ‘talk to me, Goose’! And then he can show up wearing my race car driver’s outfit from Charlie’s Angels! And then I’ll counter that by wearing HIS race car driver’s outfit from Days of Thunder! And then he can show up wearing my frizzy wig and mom jeans from Being John Malkovich, and then I will best him once and for all by preparing a series of cocktails while reciting bad drink-themed poems, dressing like Lestat, and, finally, marrying Nicole Kidman. Yes. THIS is how you make the press junket for an unsuccessful movie fun. GAME ON, CRUISE.”