Look, I understand being jazzed by the red hair in this cover photo, too, but there’s no reason to cover half of her face with it!

The interview is totally reasonable –Nicole Kidman has been a huge star for a long time and is very good at being thoughtful and open in an interview without actually giving away anything, which is a brilliant skill for a celebrity and one that serves her well. Everyone seems to love her — Russell Crowe speaks about her in glowing terms — and, in fact, I myself also love Nicole Kidman. But I do NOT know what is happening with the editorial pics therein. Nicole looks AGONIZINGLY JET-LAGGED in some of the shots. Like what even is this?

marie claire october 2018 Nicole Kidman

You guys. She looks like she just finished an exhausting thirty-five minutes unclogging the shower drain.

[Photo: Thomas Whiteside]