Fashion Week has been frustratingly devoid of clusters of interesting celebrities — well, at the shows we’ve been to, anyway. So we’ve been reduced to discussing the follicular issues of Trump offspring.

JESSICA: Who’s that guy over there? The press is kind of into him. He’s handlng it well, too.

HEATHER: I can’t tell. He has really weird hair, though. He looks kind of like an oily chipster.

JESSICA: Oh, it’s a Trump.

HEATHER: So, definitely an oily chipster.

JESSICA: Aha, yeah, the girl he’s with is Vanessa Trump — she’s married to Donald, Jr.

HEATHER: That must be who the dude is, then. Wow. I guess that right there refutes any argument that Donald Trump’s hair is fake.

JESSICA: Seriously. He’s clearly passing that mess down the line.

HEATHER: Unquestionably a Trumpian eruption.

JESSICA: Never say that again.


The Trump in question turned out to be Eric, brother-in-law to Vanessa, who kept her company at the BCBG presentation and was — to give credit where credit is due — very cheerful throughout the whole dog-and-pony show of getting your photo taken, shaking hands with socialites you probably don’t really care about, and watching a bunch of women’s clothes come down the catwalk.

Other than that, though, it’s been lots of Mary-Lynn Rajskub of 24, with a healthy dose of Kelly Rowland, and a tragic missed Britney sighting at Baby Phat. Until we can update regularly, come visit us at the New York magazine blog via the Show & Talk page or the links below.

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  • No, we weren’t kidding — they were actual trash bags on models at Alexandre Herchkovitch.
  • Damn you, Britney, for escaping us at Baby Phat.
  • Nobody loves heart disease, but that doesn’t mean we had to love the Heart Truth Red Dress Collection show, although Billie Jean King waltzing down the runway to “Billie Jean” was pretty outstanding. Almost as good as Katharine McPhee nearly colliding with Danica Patrick at the top of the runway, which caused organizers to change the flow of the celeb models’ exits.
  • Fashion Week thinks we’re fat. Seriously.
  • Liked Baby Phat? Then you’ll love the fall efforts from Rock & Republic; needless to say it terrified us.
  • When the all-musical hour of 24 comes out — picture it: terrorists unleash some gas that causes Los Angelenos to break into song and dance numbers at inopportune times — Chloe will be favoring us with clog dancing.