Oh, Bai Ling. I miss her, I really do. This outfit is positively absurd, but if you flip that coin, you realize that if she were this age NOW, she’d be a multi-millionaire social media influencer and be getting Coachella sponsorships, and going on, like, The Masked Singer, and writing cookbooks (Baking Suits: Delicious Desserts for Beach Season), and memoirs, and selling a line of bespoke spatulas. Honestly? She could STILL do that. It might be time to bring out the velvet ankle bag again, call someone at Frankie’s Bikinis or whatnot, and at the VERY least get Il Makiage to shoot an ad where she pretends to be astonished by their foundation’s amazing coverage. I will be rooting for this. It MIGHT be what the world needs?!?

[Photos: Peter Kramer/Getty Images]