Okay, this is random, but: Does anyone out there remember an ad campaign from the past year for Buick’s SUV, where they had an actor playing a stereotype of a lame, pretentious Hollywood director who was making the ad while “Here Comes The Hotstepper” played? It was a TERRIBLE ad, and it made me stabby. But I am sad to report that Jared Leto, a.k.a. Jordan Catalano, a.k.a. OMG JORDAN CATALANO, now looks in REAL life like the Buick people made the fake idiot director look:

Calvin Klein Collection & LAND's 1st Annual Celebration For ALAC
Not to be a Twitter regurgitator today, but I know you don’t all read Twitter feeds; this photo is what inspired me to post, “JORDAN CATALANO HAS A DOUCHEFFANT.” He still gets bonus points for those eyes, though. If only he didn’t look ten seconds away from saying something like, “I want to be in the YOU business,” while reeking of Old Spice and pulling a pack of Parliaments and a Zippo out of his skinny jeans.