At the actual telecast, I thought Audrina’s dress was weak and badly accessorized, but I would take that whole thing three times over what she put on for the after-party:

How is THAT more comfortable for cutting loose and hoping you don’t run into your ex at the open bar? I mean, if you’re going to the bar where you know a bunch of plastic surgeons are having an office party and you’re hoping your goods will pop out and one of them will offer to improve your implants for gratis, then sure. If you are attending an event at which anyone with fabric on his or her shoulders will be set on fire, maybe. And if the party is a Worst Strapless Catsuit shindig at which the prize is a chateau in the south of France and free cell service for life, then YES, it is an inspired choice, and I hope Audrina enjoys her new digs and unlimited data  roaming. Otherwise, I think she should borrow a coat from all the dudes behind her who are devastated they probably won’t get into the party because they are not hot girls in bad jumpsuits.