So, Miley’s on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar for August and I’ve barely heard anything about it, which makes me wonder: Do people not care about Miley anymore? Is it possible that Miley doesn’t care about Miley anymore? I don’t mean that in a I’m Concerned About Her Level of Self-Care kind of way. I mean that Miley Cyrus is loaded and presumably very happy in her personal life right now, and when you’re happy at home and you don’t need to work, is it possible that you stop caring about your brand, about MileyCyrusTM? (Beyond, I guess, realizing that it’s not a terrible idea to shove your face into public view on the cover of a magazine every now and then.)  The interview tells us that she’s currently working on “a collection of stripped-down, country-inflected, radio-friendly pop songs,” but it’s not titled, it doesn’t seem to have a release date, and the whole interview kind of comes across like Miley is sick of people looking at her and expecting her to BE SOMETHING. Albeit in an interesting way. To wit:

Miley says that as she pondered her new identity, she asked herself, “How can I fucking be the role model I’m supposed to be?” She gives me a sharp look. “Yeah, I just said fucking role model,” she repeats. “Who gives a shit? Because I got my tits out before doesn’t make me less of a role model.”

Indeed, maybe it makes her more of one. “I think I show people that they can be themselves,” she says. “I also think something that has been important for me, in this next little, like, transition phase of my career is that I don’t give a fuck about being cool. I just want to be myself.”

It’s a good interview, albeit not as uncensored as the cover promises — or, rather, no more uncensored than usual. She says some dumb stuff in there, but she also makes some good points, and she does seem like she’s being herself. (I confess to having a fondness for Miley; saying dumb stuff mixed in with some legit points is VERY on brand, if nothing else.) It also has a good blind item, courtesy of Miley’s grandma:

She’s not confrontational,” says Mammie, who, while we are hanging out on set, tells me a story about Miley’s attempts to win over an unfriendly costar back in her Hannah Montana days, the details of which I won’t repeat at the risk of making Mammie appear indiscreet. “She just wanted the girl to like her.”

WHO IS THAT GIRL?! Emily Osment, is that you?

[Photos: Camilla Akrans]