I mean, I suppose that cover line is accurate, in the sense that I have never seen Miley Cyrus in this exact position wearing this exact outfit and that exact hair. But we’ve been treated to Miley’s flapping tongue since time began – this is, in fact, possibly the most banal Miley Cyrus pose ever, as if she’s directly and flagrantly sticking her tongue out at the cover line’s assertion — and if the interview is any indication, there’s nothing she hasn’t discussed a hundred times already: Dolly Parton is her godmother! She has parents! She is on The Voice! She likes a lot of her outfits! Sometimes these outlets release the entire story, but other times, just choice quotes — and when the quotes are this banal (like they were with Alicia Vikander on Elle this month), it’s not a great sign for the whole interview. Cosmo must be really cheesed that Miley was on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar just last month, because it is very easy for Miley to go from zero to overexposed. She disappeared for months on end, and all it took was one Harper’s interview with her usual cocktail of f-bombs and the word “tits” to make us yawn. It’s brutal for Cosmo to have to chase that, even if it DID get something new and unusual from her, which… it sure sounds like is not the case, or else they’d be promoting the heck out of it. Maybe the whole #AskHerMore movement should get less twisted up about people on the red carpet ID’ing the free gowns they’re given, and more involved in encouraging cover stories to dig a little deeper. That, and Miley’s people probably should’ve staved off what’s effectively a double-booking.

[Photo: Cosmo]

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