Either M.I.A. is launching a Sea World-inspired line of clothing, or had a VERY different experience with the movie Jaws than I did.

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[Photo: WENN.com]

Her man-eating midriff appears to celebrate the beast. But you know, maybe we ALL need to take a step back and consider whether we misunderstood that poor shark. Imagine craving a cheeseburger and finding only tofurkey in your fridge. So maybeJaws wasn’t a soulless killer; it was just hungry for some steak tartare, trapped with his country-club appetite in a Red Lobster world. Like Miss Hannigan, perhaps he is the real hero.

Of course, none of that explains why M.I.A. has a different understanding of trousers than the rest of us. Boots are not pants, child. Believe.

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