Robin Tunney’s dress is potentially quite interesting.

Problematically, she seems sort of at sixes and sevens in it, staring at the camera as if she’s totally embarrassed, kind of terrified she’s about to turn around and trample that person’s tulle, and praying co-star Simon Baker will mentalize her an excuse to blow this joint and hit up a diner for some pancakes.
Meanwhile, Mila Kunis also went the black-and-white-and-WHA-all-over route:

Between the two, I’m voting Robin Tunney’s way. Don’t get me wrong, Robin’s dress has issues — something about how the front forms that chute shape reminds me of my old popcorn maker — but Mila’s just looks sloppy, like she got mugged by a glue-gun-toting Addams Family that has been using Elmer’s as nasal spray.