JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Love the dress, Jessie baby.

JESSICA BIEL: I also love my dress. Thank God we started dating. I get way better party invitations now.

JT: I just have one question. When you walk away from me, is your tan going to leave a mark on my jacket?

JESSICA: Ha ha, you’re so funny.

JT: I am, it’s true. But that has nothing to do with the problem here. Why are you that color?

JESSICA: Why are you asking me this NOW?

JT: Are you bringing it on down to Orangeville?

JESSICA: Excuse me?

JUSTIN: I am like three seconds away from singing “Tanning it up… with The Barry Gibb Tan Show.”

JESSICA: Oh, cute, you’re going through your Saturday Night Live greatest hits. Next I suppose you’re going to suggest I cut a hole in a box and put my junk self-tanner in the box, and then let you open the box.

JT: That’s ridiculous. Why would I say that?

JESSICA: Whatever, Milhouse. I am so breaking your glasses later.