This photo totally cracks me up:

Ashley Olsen’s bf, Justin Bartha: Book of Secrets, is totally checking out her ass. And I think he likes what he sees:

Seems he’s pretty enamored of her front, too. And, ladies, when you find someone who digs your front view and your back view this much when you’re wearing a shapeless caftan, you know you’ve found a keeper.

That being said, the dress — though VERY caftan-y indeed — is quite sexy from the back and in a way, it’s kind of a refreshing change from all the GOLD and TURBANS and THIGH-HIGH BOOTS and general batshit crazery of the rest of the Met Gala attendees. I don’t know that I actually LIKE it, but I appreciate it as a palate cleanser of sorts. Gown sorbet, if you will.