The people in the background of these photos entertain me endlessly. The woman on the right appears to be attending her own wedding, White Gloves is totally walking through this photo on purpose, and the girl on the right is all, “OH MY GOD, I just saw PACEY WITTER and I think we made eye contact and now I might be pregnant.”

But Emilie de Ravin is holding her own here:

Definitely not as fancy as half of what people wore, but this is so graceful and lovely. It’s a cousin to this grey dress Camilla Belle wore, and indeed, it walked down the Valentino Spring 2010 runway right before it. Now, I love this; I think it tones down Camilla’s dress perfectly, removing the crazy poncho aspect and preserving the romantic core. But I really wish she’d done almost anything with her feet other than this. Just because feet are not up on your head does not mean they are an afterthought. I would have expected frumpy heels from, say, Alison Parker of Melrose Place 1.0, and maybe even from Crazy Matted-Hair Claire on Lost. But Emilie? She can do better. They actually almost ruin this for me. … Almost. I still want it. Someone recently asked me what the down side of my day job is, and the answer is: constant unfulfilled wardrobe lust. Maybe that’s why we talk about potato chips all the time. We’re imaginary binging as a coping mechanism.
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