I would just like to take a moment to give Liv Tyler a hand. I think she’s been looking great. To wit:

I feel like this is particularly flattering on her. It’s very retro, and she has kind of a retro aura to me, although I might just think that because I really love That Thing You Do! and she’s so cute in it. Maybe if I were super into Lord of the Rings I would be musing that I didn’t think this was sufficiently elfin, or if I were the world’s biggest fan of Dr T and the Women, I would complain that is was not….gynecological enough? I don’t know, as I never saw that movie and thus only know that it’s an Altman flick in which Richard Gere is an OBGYN…with lady problems of his own! Zing!

Anyway. She looks nice, no? And she’s two-for-two because I liked what she wore to the Times 100 Whatever Whatever last night, as well:

Time's 100 Most Influential People In The World

I recognize that the lace sleeves are attached by illusion netting and while I am usually all, “ILLUSION NETTING? WHO ARE YOU? JOHNNY WEIR??!!!!” and hysterical about it, I think this is lovely. But I’ve been looking at Met Gala pictures for like the last ten years of my life. I don’t even know what I’M wearing right now. (That’s a lie. It’s a jersey sundress from Old Navy, because it feels like a nightgown but the UPS guy won’t ask me if I’m depressed should I sign for a package wearing it.)