This is… dramatic.

From a pure construction point of view, I am not wild at ALL about how the skirt attaches with the visible bunches of seams. It cheapens things. Taking a wider view, though… I don’t know, this feels like D&G didn’t care that much, and so tossed her a headdress and were like, “Eh, close enough.” But if she is (as we said for Cosmo) the High Priestess of her own Tarot deck, then she came armed with some of the Minor Arcana as well:

I only recognize Brie Larson over there on the left. But she and Middle — and I guess kind of Right, also — look like second-tier courtiers on Reign, and if D&G’s perception of China is that it’s a CW drama about Mary, Queen of Scots, then we have a problem. Of geography as much as anything else.

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