Historically I’ve never been a fan of this kind of halter neckline.

But I have to admit, Dianna Agron looks very pretty. Which is about as controversial a statement as saying that water is hydrating, or that Diet Coke is my bliss. Dianna Agron looks pretty because she is pretty, and she’s just letting that do the talking here. Part of me thinks that for all our joking about how the Met Ball only works when everyone smokes the fashion crack, it takes guts to go restrained and know you’ll knock ‘em dead as opposed to wearing an oil spill and hoping people think it’s an awesome statement on, like, embracing life’s gunk. But at the same time this IS surprisingly staid — it’s Michael Kors, so it was never going to be crazeballs — and I almost wonder if nobody told her what a wacktacular high-fashion event this is,  because she might as well be at the SAGs or the DGAs.

Lea Michele went for a tiny bit more drama:

But only a BIT. I’m surprised. This child sneezes drama. She wears more insanity than this to tweeze her eyebrows. There’s something sort of… crispy about this dress, too, and not in a delicious Lay’s potato chip way. It’s crunchy and the seams aren’t that cute and frankly, it seems like it’s trying to restrain itself. Like, it thinks it’s edgy enough, yet at the same time it WANTED to erupt into a volcanic lava puddle, but it was told to behave or else it would be grounded and it wouldn’t get to meet Kanye.

Separately, of course, I like to imagine Dianna and Lea circled each other all night, glared viciously across the room, and then spent today on the Glee set putting laxatives in each others’ Jamba Juice.

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