I have thoughts on this cover, which we’ll get to, but: Recently I harped on the habit of releasing bland interview excerpts, in the context of super underwhelming ones from Alicia Vikander and Miley Cyrus, which didn’t make me motivated to pick up the issue and read the rest. Emma’s is much better. To wit: Here are the bits the magazine released, and they’re not necessarily shocking, world-beating questions, but the way they’re answered makes for a better teaser, and gives off an aura of a rich and relaxed conversation.

On what portraying Billie Jean King taught her: “I would say playing Billie Jean was a bit of a game changer. I am very nervous to communicate my opinions a lot of the time, especially publicly… She [Billie] is so direct and confident in the way that she communicates what she believes is right. To be able to step into that was a pretty powerful experience.”

On speaking out for equality: “There is so much power to our voices, and we need to speak out. That’s something that I struggled with in the past, but it’s very hard not to feel galvanized right now, politically or consciously.. […] Nobody is going down without a fight – for love and humanity and equality and coming together. It’s so inspiring to see marches and beautiful writing and creative work. There’s so much power and a grace coming out of so many people who have so much to lose, and the human spirit is incredible. That’s worth a fight every day. And I want to learn how to fight better.”

[Photos: Marie Claire]