I like Amy Adams a lot; I don’t think I’ve ever seen her be even mediocre in anything. I’m looking forward to her in Sharp Objects. HBO, and apparently Jean Marc Vallee in particular (he directed Big Little Lies), has become fertile ground for movie stars who want a little extra hardware on their shelves. Which means great things for TV-related red carpets. I think Amy would be too late to snag a nod for this year’s Emmys, unless they sent in tapes early — I believe voting ends next Monday, with noms announced a week after her series starts airing — but she could still present, and then of course the Globes and the 2019 Emmys will get her glamour.

Marie Claire released the nicely written intro, and then just a couple sound bites from Amy; it’s like halfway between printing the whole piece online, likeĀ Vogue, and just doing three nibbles, as is Cosmo’s approach. It sounds like the pretty standard stuff about taking control as a co-exec producer, aging, raising a daughter… no answers seem particularly surprising, but the read seems like it would be relaxing and pleasant, if you’re soon to find yourself on a plane or a beach.

[Photos: Marie Claire]