In which the magazine ALLEGES that the Margot/Saoirse Mary Queen of Scots movie is coming out presently,  but I swear to God, this movie feels like it’s been “just about to come out” for like 1000000000 years, perhaps because Saoirse got cast in it in 2012! THAT IS NOT A TYPO. Were they…literally waiting for her to get old enough to play the part? (That Deadline piece claims it was meant to start production the following year.) It’s a miracle that Saoirse actually ended up remaining attached the entire time; I feel like there’s a story in there about how this movie has taken so long, and that story probably involves a lot of bureaucratic Hollywood BS.

Having said all that, of course I am VERY interested in seeing a Mary Queen of Scots movie, and I love both Saoirse AND Margot Robbie so….you know, maybe the wait paid off. She looks gorgeous, both on the cover and in the inside pics — click though to see the subscribers cover, which is stunning —  but the interview is not very substantive (it feels like she gave them 45 minutes and was too savvy to say anything hugely newsworthy). It also mentions a puppy several times and then does not include a photo of the puppy. COME ON, YOU GUYS!

Additional notes on the cover: I have to assume that the “Michelle Obama by Oprah” is the same interview that ran in Elle, since these are both Hearst publications. I get why they’d want to syndicate that one out there, but it’s kind of unusual. The way the cover is laid out also kinda implies that Michelle wrote the piece about GETTING GLAM. Let me be honest: I would read that.

[Cover: Camilla Akrans]