Yes, okay, Mandy Moore is on the cover, but she is also somewhat beside the point. It’s “SEX ¬†and SEXIER SEX and FAST SEX and SEX SEXY SEX and then, shhh, also I guess Mandy Moore is here.” And maybe they therefore didn’t pay that much attention to the photo of her, either. The dress is reasonably foxy, but her face seems so… severe. Kind of hard. But in a way that is not at all reflective of Mandy Moore when she is doing basically anything else. She is charming and charismatic, and even when giving some Face on the red carpet, there’s a warmth to it. This person just seems a bit blank and like she’s making eye contact with something that’s hovering just above the lens. I wish this cover wanted to do as well for her as it apparently wants to do for, well, doin’ it. Priorities, I guess?