So, one of the helpful members of Fug Nation emailed this to us. And I opened and scanned the email very early in the morning, before I’d had any coffee. I was totally bleary-eyed from lack of sleep, because I had been up late the night before. Not doing anything fun, mind you — just noodling around the house, because I am that dumb person who gets a second wind at like 11pm and the next thing you know, it’s 3am, everyone else is sleeping, and I am reading a book and eating Cheezits and accidentally watching QVC, because I’m convinced there’s something in our biological make-up that somehow renders QVC FASCINATING in the hours between 1 and 4am. ANYWAY, in my delirious state, I somehow misread that this photo was of Alia Shawkat — Arrested Development’s Maeby Fünke — and you can IMAGINE the dramatic horrified sounds I made:

Premiere Of Weinstein Co.

Then I actually looked at her face. No, this is Mallika Sherawat — I know, the names are barely even similar, I had QVC Hangover! —  who another of our helpful readers informed me is “a B-list Bollywood star,” and she is certainly extremely beautiful when you manage to tear your eyes away from her outfit. Honestly, I am so relieved that Maeby isn’t popping up at premieres dressed like a magician’s assistant in a traveling show designed solely to appeal to vampires or people who like to pretend they are vampires that I just sort of want to give Mallika a high five and thank her for taking the bullet on this one.