After my self-prescribed ban on using the name that rhymes with Bon Jamm, a reader e-mailed me yesterday to ask if I could please break that rule and examine his crotch. 

No, really. She did. And because I’m a giving sort, I set out to do one without violating the other.

Premiere Of AMC's
The reader asked if suits are supposed to fit this way, or whether we’re just being treated to too-tight trousers that answer the question, “Does the actor who rhymes with Lon Schlamm dress left?” And in truth I have no idea how suit pants are supposed to fit, because I know nothing about menswear except that I am not fond of the brown tie and white-collared pink shirt that Yon Ramm is wearing. However, it would seem that a man is entitled to some privacy about where he stores his berries, especially if he has a lot of rabid fans who might want to go on a fruit-picking expedition. So the question is: Ill-fitting pants, unfortunate side-effect of the suit-wearing man’s life, or optical illusion?
Here’s a photo of Ron Yamm from the other side, if it helps you decide:

mad men season 4 premiere 210710

It’s not house-key shaped; it’s not car-key shaped. And if that’s from his hand being in his pocket, then Von Spam must have record-setting thumbs. 

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