I love, love, love Mad Men on AMC.  It’s fascinating and creepy and engrossing and the outfits are, like…oh my god, the outfits are good.  I would watch it if it were silent. And Christina Hendricks here is great in it as this very va va vam voom good time girl/office manager with, of course, hidden depths and a SERIOUSLY good wardrobe, including a leopard print coat that I would kill you for. Yes, you. Move over, I want that coat. And she’s very pretty, of course, but I have a question for you regarding the below:


Great shoes. Good dress (although I do wonder if she might have benefited from some extra working room in the bodice, as I suspect she’ll be finding bits and pieces of dinner lurking in her cleavage for weeks, as it’s sneaking suspiciously close to her mouth. I recently found a piece of spaghetti in my cleavage  — shut up, I like my carbs — and, let me tell you, the experience is ALARMING. She would do well, emotionally, to beware). But do my eyes suddenly work in high-def, or is that a rather lot of make-up?  Her Mad Men character would take a look at this, cluck sympathetically, hand her a handkerchief and hustle her off to the restroom to re-do it a bit more subtly, whilst imparting sly wisdom about how best to handle handsy and potentially homicidal  chauvinist coworkers.  Her stylist would be well-advised to do the same.