Telstra T-Box Party

LYNDSEY RODRIGUES: I’m Lyndsey Rodrigues, former Australian MTV VJ!

RYAN KWANTEN: I’m Ryan Kwanten, current Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, where I am both hilarious and EXTREMELY NAKED.

LYNDSEY: I wish you were naked right now.

RYAN: Excuse me! I don’t even know you!

LYNDSEY: We’re posing for pictures together! Doesn’t that mean we’re dating?

RYAN: I don’t think so.

LYNDSEY: Oh. Awkward.

RYAN: Although I must admit that nudity might be preferable to what you are wearing.

LYNDSEY; What are you talking about? My bodice has a newspaper print, and the skirt is made of Hefty bags. This whole look is essentially a salute to recycling.

RYAN: Um. Well. I guess I can’t argue with that.

LYNDSEY: Exactly. Now, can you get me a job?

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