SIGH. It’s so¬†nice to open the year with something so bright and beautiful — and it’s a tribute to Lupita’s great face, and this photo, that it really is all about her and not the objectively mildly wacky Louis Vuitton outfit she’s wearing. (Just look at that outfit in bits. It is perplexing. But it still looks great on her. MAGIC.)

British Vogue doesn’t put their entire interviews online — this is probably smart, to get people to buy the magazine — so there’s not a lot to unpack there. As usual, Lupita seems like an incredibly smart woman who is not going to open herself up to a journalist about anything personal. This is not a criticism; I think it’s probably wise to protect your personal life if you’re a public figure, if only just to keep random people from weighing in on all your shit all the time. But you should click through anyway and see the rest of the pics from this shoot. They’re really charming. Keep it up, 2020!

(Speaking of, we did a 2019 Lupita Retrospective over the holidays and if you missed it, I think you might enjoy it. She looked GREAT.)

[Cover: Steven Meisel]