Last year, Lizzo had an Elle cover that was okay and an Entertainment Weekly cover that looked like she was weeping semen, so I’m glad 2020 is giving her a good start to the year. I don’t know how I missed this when it first debuted, but it’s wonderfully bright and bold and exhilarating, and I hope it did well on the newsstand. It celebrates her in a way that most of the fashion magazines seem so afraid or unwilling to do with anyone who’s not a sample size (I will never forget Elle putting Melissa McCarthy in a freaking trenchcoat, no matter how good her head looked).

It was interesting to read the piece on the heels of Billie Eilish’s Vogue profile. That one alleges Billie is redefining pop both visually and sonically, getting us away from candy-coated bops and glittery gleaming showcases and into a more morose kind of punk poetry. Rolling Stone claims Lizzo is the one redefining pop music, with the sheer power of her positivity. EVERYONE, it seems, is changing pop music, all at once, which just underscores my fatigue with the way people trade in absolutes. To paraphrase from The Incredibles, if everyone is redefining everything, maybe no one is. And that’s okay. We need options, and we need doors kicked open, and we need a belief in artistry above all else, and if THAT is what’s happening, then great. We don’t necessarily need to rewrite every book; we just need it to be bigger, to fit more chapters.

[Photo: Rolling Stone]