Hey y’all! I know we JUST talked about stuff and things and whatever but I had to just pop my head back in again and tell y’all about how I’m on the cover of Cosmo this month! I mean TECHNICALLY it’s not ACTUALLY me, it’s just MY FACE and actually it’s just PART of my face because that’s not my forehead and it’s also that’s not actually my hair but PART of my face is on the cover of Cosmo this month and isn’t that exciting!? Also, now I know the answer to that question there about what to do if you ate a whole pizza: Photoshop!

Whee! Okay, back to whatever I was doing before (prank-calling Justin). (YES, STILL.) (Why are you so judgmental? Didn’t you ever love someone, [ALLEGEDLY] cheat on him with his choreographer, have a long, drawn out break-up complete with dance-offs, and then pine after him for years and years and years and years and years and years, despite having gotten married twice in the meantime? I THOUGHT SO so shut it.)

TTYL! Maybe tomorrow because after like three years of sitting around the Valley sticking my head under the nozzle on my Soft-Serv machine I SEEM TO BE BACK WHOO HOO.