Look. I don’t hate this cover at all. But I do need to know if she’s repurposed a fanny pack as a top. Are we doing that now? Because literally nothing would surprise me anymore. We’re living in an apocalyptic hellscape. It’s fine if you need to do that. I just am gathering information.

As far as the interview goes, I’m a little confused as to why she is promoting GLOW now, since its most recent season came out forever ago and I don’t know when the new one arrives (they’re filming it during this interview)…but while I’m here, if you need something to binge right now: WATCH GLOW. IT’S GREAT. So I guess it worked! (She’s also got a lot of other stuff in the hopper, so I guess…might as well wrap it all into one.)

I will say that interviewing an actress who has to really train for her job is a good use of Women’s Health’s time, also — it’s interesting and honestly very logistical — and the interview itself is pretty compelling. Brie talks a lot about her issues with depression and body dysmorphia, and seems like an interesting person. I’ll take it.

[Photos: Aingeru Zorita for Women’s Health]