This was a wonderful present on a muggy day that saw me fall into a bag of those West Coast Truffle Fries potato chips from Frito Lay’s. I remember them from the last time they released them, and I have to say: They somehow manage not to taste like anything specific, and yet I can’t stop shoveling them into my mouth hole, so proceed there with caution. Anyway: Chris Hemsworth. He’s hot. When he first started as Thor, I didn’t see it — I think it was the hair getting in the way? — but boy has he grown on me. There are more photos in the article itself than what I’ve used here, so treat yourselves, please. If you don’t think you are a Chris Hemsworth person, you may find yourself converted. And if you don’t think he’s the best of the Chrises… you may also find yourself converted, although he takes a nifty jab at Chris Evans at the beginning of this video that features him answering online questions about himself:

The piece is charming, and conducted by an actual reporter, so journalism clearly isn’t TOTALLY dead. A bunch of it takes place in a hotel gym, where the two women working out in there with him seem to have been oblivious to his identity for way longer than seems likely. There is also a great wine anecdote in which he and the writer essentially create a little inside joke with each other that she then is compelled to share, like anyone would in that situation. If you and Chris Hemsworth come up with an inside joke, you do not hold it in; you TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW, but very casually, as if you are unfazed and indeed completely used to the experience of Chris Hemsworth twinkling at you over a glass of cabernet.