These photos were all snapped in aid of promoting her part in No Time To Die, which has in fact decided that it does NOT have time to die right now and is no longer coming out now but rather in November, depending on how much time to die everyone has then.

Having said that, regardless of the fact that they’re now missing a peg, they’re quite good covers nevertheless — and in spite of the fact that she, as a Louis Vuitton handmaiden, is in head-to-toe LV (or, as Tyra would call it, H to T LV.)

UK Harper’s Bazaar May 2020 - Léa Seydoux by Alexi Lubomirski-1586144939

You can tell she’s been a model. But I have one very important question for you: Does this second cover, the one for subscribers, make her look vaguely like Chloe Grace Moretz, facially? What a coup for CMG in this time of many trials!