So, Tamara Tunie has been in a ton of stuff — 24, Law and Order, and, of course, As the World Turns, also known as The Soap I Keep Thinking Got Cancelled Years Ago. Sadly, her character on ATWT has only been married once,which prevents her from having a hilarious soap opera name like Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Montgomery Montgomery Chandler Marick Marick Montgomery,  but she is, according to my sources, lucky enough to get blackmailed a lot, which I suppose is what happens when you are the only lawyer in town. And blackmail would explain this:


I feel like we’re moving right along until we come to the hat, which, added to the satin vest-thingie is just… let’s just say that we’ve got a lot of textures happening here. We’ve got the leather and the denim and the satin and the leather and the shearling and the wool and the plaid and the mystical crystal pendant and it’s all just overwhelming.  Especially on that carpet. As backed up by blocks of ice.  And the restroom sign. And half of Queen Latifah’s face. None of which is her doing, but I am going into sensory overload and need Intern George to bring me a nice cold drink right now.