Ozark has ended, and the Emmys are nigh, which is exactly when you’d expect Netflix to pony up for a Walk of Fame star for one of its most beloved nominees (and one who made her directorial debut in the last season, also). I’m not saying Laura doesn’t deserve this — she does! — but these are always tied to something promotional, and I’m glad she’s getting her turn. I have never heard a single bad rumor or intimation about her; she seems genuinely talented, low-key, and lovely, and it’s not HER fault that her Love, Actually, storyline is so brutal. Maybe it’s a bad look for me to say this, but like… you can make it up to your brother later! GET THE SEX! And you, Rodrigo Santoro! Have some empathy for this woman and don’t make it a one-time offer, you fool! I HAVE NOTES.

[Photos: Stewart Cook/Shutterstock]